Hope Begins to Fade – (Siding Project – Post 3)

...our youngest, who was probably the most disappointed of all of us that we didn't finish the north side the night before, looked out the window declared something to the effect of, "well, this is bullsh*t." I couldn't have agreed more.


What a Fool Believes – (Siding Project – Post 2)

By dinnertime that night, we were also, almost all of us, completely wiped out. If you don't recall, Memorial Day weekend this year was HOT. Weather.com reminds us just how hot it was that Saturday. That's right. It was 94 degrees. We went through a LOT of water that day. 

Ignorance is bliss (Siding Project – Post 1)

Don't get me wrong. When the pros quote you $7k in labor it's because the job is going to be hard or long or both. I know that. I know that very well. But there was this voice at the back of my mind saying "Are you really that lazy that you're going to throw $7k away? Is this where we're at?"

Blog Redesign!

I've been toying with the idea of a blog redesign pretty much ever since we launched. We wanted to get those first couple posts up and out there as cleanly as possible. But now, with all the content we have, I wanted to try something new. And, honestly, I get bored with things. This is the... Continue Reading →

Surprised, not shocked – continued

Ok, so here's the rest of the story on the wiring. If you'll remember, I did confirm that everything in the four bedrooms upstairs was fed by a single 20A circuit. Honestly, if we're just running lights and alarm clocks, no big deal. That breaker would support that usage just fine. But, in the winter,... Continue Reading →

Surprised, not shocked.

Ok guys, in the last post, I'd talked about the big projects we're staring down for this spring. Last weekend, after catching up on all the progress Erin had made, it was time to do some recon for the first big job. Evaluating the electrical system. For some reason, Erin thinks we should maybe have... Continue Reading →

A turning point.

It made me realize that there are going to be a lot of projects that we're undertaking that are going to erase the spaces I've known my whole life, at least as I've remembered them. It also made me realize that I've been dragging my feet on some of these projects because I'm subconsciously fighting that change. 

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