Vacation Day 1: Tidying up

The East room quilt is a plus pattern, using $3 fill from the thrift store, fabric from a curtain from my childhood bedroom, a couple pieces of fabrics from Brian’s mom’s stash when she passed away and some of the hundreds of spools of thread I’ve acquired from his grandmother’s collection.

Woo hoo! I have a week off from my full-time office job and have been looking forward to spending a lot of time at the farm.

I’m trying not to set my expectations too high so I don’t get frustrated by not checking everything off a massive list. Brian works all week, so I’ll be on my own most days.

We’re looking forward to a special visitor tomorrow, so today I went out the the farm to tidy up a few things. Brian’s great-aunt is coming to visit us. She’s Bri’s grandfather’s last living sibling and grew up in the house we’re fixing up, so we’re looking forward to hearing her memories of the house and how it’s evolved in her 95 years.


Most of my work was making the upstairs bedrooms look more like finished rooms. They’re not finished, but they’re definitely getting closer.


I finished my second quilt for the house this past week (and vowed to never attempt a king-size quilt again) and put that in the East room.

The North room quilt used a torn sheet that I nabbed from my grandparents’ house, some moss green sheets that I’d used as curtains in our first house, and some fabric from my stash.

I hung curtains in the North room. The curtains actually sheets that we used as curtains for the bay window in our old house. I cut a couple up for the quilt in the room, then used a couple more for the curtains. The quilt ended up a bit smaller than I’d intended, so it’s at the foot of the bed, over a comforter my mom had given me several years ago. The bedskirt in the room is one that I’d apparently given her a few years ago (but don’t remember at all) and she no longer needed it, so she gave it to me for the farm.

I have to tell you… I used the iron that I found in the laundry room/bathroom of the farm and I’d bet it’s from around the 1960s. Holy cow, does that thing kick wrinkles’ butts! It’s big, heavy and was SO HOT to work with in 90-degree weather, but I’m kind of in love with it!

There’s plenty more projects to take care of, but I’ll keep you all posted on the progress I make this week!



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  1. Love reading about your progress! I’m sure Pauline will have many memories of growing up in that house. Saw the old car in the Fingal parade, but got distracted and didn’t get to meet you! Next time!


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