First night at the farm

The same day Humphrey came home was to be our first night on the farm. The boys both worked that day, so Erin and I planned a day full of work getting ready for our first overnight there.

Having used the sander to rough up the rest of the upstairs floors, it was time for me to get some more staining done.


While I did that, Erin was busy working on the mop board in the east room. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but for some reason, none of the upstairs bedrooms or hallways had any mop board. The main floor has really tall, great, mop boards:


but there was never any upstairs. Time to change that!

Downstairs, the trim measures about 7″. So we decided to go big upstairs as well and bought a bunch of 1×6 pine. Since the rest of the upstairs woodwork has been white forever, rather than try to change all that, this trim’s going in white as well.


Done with my staining, Erin put me in charge of sanding while she carefully cut and installed trim.


The day went by pretty quickly and soon I found it was time to head back to town to pick up the boys. Being the weekend before the 4th, the boys and I decided that our first night on the farm should also have fireworks.


The good folks at Memory Fireworks set us up pretty well. It’d taken me longer to get the boys, the groceries, and the fireworks than I planned. By the time I was firing up the grill to cook dinner, the sun had begun to set. But we had a gorgeous sunset that evening.



And while I stood by the grill, appreciating the sunset, and the quiet, history and nostalgia started to set in. I remembered my childhood weekends on the farm with family members that are gone. I remembered my brother, my mother, Grandma and Grandpa. I sent both my uncles a text that we were feeling pretty fortunate to have such a great evening. I also really appreciated that tie to the past that I was feeling.

And so, after we’d set off all sorts of impressive fireworks, we ended the night sending up memory lanterns for all our family members who are no longer with us.


So, sure the mosquitoes were ferocious. Sure we were exhausted from another long day’s work on the farm. But in the end, I don’t know that we could’ve had a more meaningful, or memorable, first night back on the farm.




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